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Do you want to know how I solve the cube? Simple algorithm, really.

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The Magic Cube is a precision made logic puzzle cube that highlights six noteworthy number sequences. The cube may look & move like a Rubik’s Cube but the similarities end there. The Magic Cube has 3,000 times as many combinations as a Rubik’s Cube, is completely monotone & is inscribed with numbers.


Dr. Kinlay says, “I invented the thing and I know the solutions - I have trouble doing it. It could take me all day if I just picked one up.”

More than just an intriguing puzzle; the Magic Cube is also intended to stimulate interest in fundamental concepts of number theory, serve as a beautiful accessory, or a tactile device to hone your logic skills.



The Magic Cube is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

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Are you… Fucking kidding me?

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20 by fdecomite on Flickr.

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Sad update time. :(

This has nothing to do with the blog itself, so don’t worry.

But I had something to say.

For the past few months, I kind of strayed away from cubing, and in these past months, I haven’t really been cubing all that much, and thus my solves have suffered.

I used to get about 18-20 second solves on average, with my PB single being 16.27 seconds.

But, with a few competitions coming up in my area, I decided I needed to practice, and lo and behold, my averages are pretty bad. My fastest time in the past week has been 27 seconds. I also forgot almost all of my PLL algorithms, and now have to re-learn them.

If you read this, and take anything from it, just remember if you want to get better, just practice. Consistently. Like 4-5 averages a day should do the trick.

I’m aware this isn’t exactly exciting, but if anyone wants it, maybe I can show my progress back to where I was, and possibly faster. 

My goal is sub 18 by October, and possibly sub 15 by December. Big goals, I know. But I’m going to try, so if anyone is interested, I can find a way to update you periodically.

Anyone interested?


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I’m an “expert cuber” 
Where do the rest of our followers stand?

I’m an “expert cuber” 

Where do the rest of our followers stand?

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Behold, the Rubik’s Companion Cube! I came across a tutorial for this and decided to make it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend since he’s really fond of Portal. He loved it! :’) Today’s date just reminded me that the cube is now a month old.

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‘the rubicraft’s cube is now complete!’ by fireshaper

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Oskar’s new puzzle, the dumbell cube :)

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