Too few people understand a really good sandwich.” – James Beard

And to make one can be so easy. All it requires is your knowledge of food crafts and the love of sandwiches. Its history goes back to as early as the 17th century.

Make sandwiches in any shape and style and use a wide variety of ingredients to enhance its taste and looks. They can be a major source of nutrition to your kids; provided the right material is used and is creatively put in front of children.

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This is a “musubi” type bento – inside the cube is tightly pressed boiled rice and in the centre of the rice is some chopped meat, cucumber and remoulade sauce. The cube of rice is then covered with nori seaweed sheets and decorated with coloured cheese squares. Surrounding the centrepiece are grapes, orange segments, tomatoes and cucumber slices.

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Your parents told you not to play with your food: Try telling that to Adam Melonas, world-class chef and creator of these amazing scallop, fois gras, and roe rubiks cubes. Adam is Head Chef in Charge of the Lab at Paco Roncero, at 2 Michelin Star La Terraza del Casino at the ultra-exculsive Casino De Madrid. He developed this dish while coaching the 2008 Spanish team forBocuse d’Or.

From his blog:

“The trick with this Rubiks cube is the texture of each item and also of course the cutting. All the items are fused together with Transglutaminase and pressed lightly in a rectangular terrine mold which has a height and width of 6cm. I made 2 different terrine’s as the cube is made up of 3 slices and the middle slice has to be different to the 2 outer slices so it makes a believable pattern.”

This is a pretty amazing creation. We’re used to seeing games re-incarnated through baking, but this is on a whole other level. Check out some of his other creations here.

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A fruity Rubik’s Cube (a healthy alternative for the geeks)

Kiwi, watermelon and feta cheese <3

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