Sad update time. :(

This has nothing to do with the blog itself, so don’t worry.

But I had something to say.

For the past few months, I kind of strayed away from cubing, and in these past months, I haven’t really been cubing all that much, and thus my solves have suffered.

I used to get about 18-20 second solves on average, with my PB single being 16.27 seconds.

But, with a few competitions coming up in my area, I decided I needed to practice, and lo and behold, my averages are pretty bad. My fastest time in the past week has been 27 seconds. I also forgot almost all of my PLL algorithms, and now have to re-learn them.

If you read this, and take anything from it, just remember if you want to get better, just practice. Consistently. Like 4-5 averages a day should do the trick.

I’m aware this isn’t exactly exciting, but if anyone wants it, maybe I can show my progress back to where I was, and possibly faster. 

My goal is sub 18 by October, and possibly sub 15 by December. Big goals, I know. But I’m going to try, so if anyone is interested, I can find a way to update you periodically.

Anyone interested?


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I’m an “expert cuber” 
Where do the rest of our followers stand?

I’m an “expert cuber” 

Where do the rest of our followers stand?

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Oskar’s new puzzle, the dumbell cube :)

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2x2 through 5x5. I loves my cubes. :3


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New video put up by Oskar today. He’s one of my favorite puzzle makers. Besides Tony Fisher. 


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My monstrous 7x7. I love this thing. Made by v-cubes. Its great. Sadly, i’m pretty slow. It takes me about a half hour to solve this one. Oh well.


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I know i said i would post individual puzzles, but I found this picture of my puzzle collection (from the same day) but all mixed, and thought i would show you all, just because…idk. i like it


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